Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Work of 2012

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Thought I'd be starting my own blog on my website via wordpress but it hasn't panned out, to say the least. So here I am, restarting my blog on blogger. Thank you blogger, for ease of use!


Just had to post my latest work with the beautiful Julia, of Vancouver Serviced Apartments.

An amazing business woman, and totally genuine person; I was thrilled to meet and work with her. She is currently redoing her website, which is being done by the creative and talented Ronaye Ireland. I can't wait to see the results!

I think the variety of expressions and styles we captured, really shows off Julia's innate beauty and style, as well as her sense of fun!

Looking forward to checking out one of her apartments in Vancouver, New York or London when I travel there next! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

JKB WINS the Georgie Awards!!

Congratulations to our client Jeff of JKB Construction for his win at the Georgie Awards!

It is a double honor for Jeff to win, as it's a first time entry for him! First time entries do not usually win. His work, however, is astounding. (In case you haven't heard of the Georgie Awards, the Georgie's are similar to the Emmies - but in the Architecture and Renovation Industries.)

I was impressed when I walked in to the kitchen he had hired us to shoot for his entries to the awards. The kitchen was warm, inviting, and absolutely gorgeous! And the details were impressive. Everything from environmental touches to ergonomically pleasing details like the hands free faucets were well thought out.

Jeff and Claire (his lovely wife) were wonderful to work with too. I would highly recommend not only the work they do, but the way they work. I love working with friendly, honest people with integrity. JKB Construction has all that, plus talent galore!

Good luck on the Sam Awards! (JKB is a finalist in that one as well!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Congratulations to one of my favorite Commercial Clients!

Well! I am sooo impressed and excited!

One of my favorite commercial clients just called. Jeff from JKB Construction entered a very prestigious competition - the Georgie Awards. It's much like the academy awards for renovators, contractors and architects. His company has been choosen for the finalists!!

I wish him luck and sure hope he wins! His work is amazing, and he's a great person too!

Here are some of the before and 'after' shots... (befores are his)

To see more of his work, go to his website at:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kaelen and David's Wedding

Every wedding is different, but one of my most recent weddings was pure joy to shoot.

Kaelen and David's wedding was so much fun because Kaelen and David are such wonderful people. I think they are my most favorite clients yet!

They are both genuine people. They are also very thoughtful. I was overwhelmed with how many people at their wedding thought so too.

The location was lovely. The Vancouver Golf Club has recently been renovated. It was a great spot for their ceremony and photos.

Kaelen and David's love for each other just shines through their eyes. I think their portraits reflect that joy, as you can see here:

Oddly enough, it rained on their special day. I have only done 3 weddings in my entire career that have rained. (Knock on wood!) But amazingly enough, the sun came out for a few special shots for their ceremony and just afterwards. It made for some spectacular shots and deeply saturated colors. We also took a few afterwards that are going to make spectacular wall portraits!

Weddings are always full of romance, beauty, joy and style, but you can't always capture it just the way you'd like. However, the following portrait is just so perfect - full of pure beauty, grace and joy that I had to post it:

Here are a few more of my favorite shots from the formals.
I had a hard time deciding which portraits to choose!

Of course every wedding has to have some good detail shots!
Here's one of Kaelen's dress. It is Definitely one of my favorite designs ever!

Thank You Kaelen and David for letting me be part of your very special day!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Image Explorations - Thanks to Joe & Carol - & the I.E. team!

If you ever look up any successful business person - in any field - you'll find one of the common denominators of their success is attributed to continued education in their chosen field.

Ever since reading that, I have tried to keep up with my education in my career on a daily basis. Since I love learning, it's pretty easy to keep up on books, conventions and what not. However, it is difficult to find hands on experience that really inspires and teaches you to go beyond your usual limits.

Well if you are a photographer - you are in luck! Image Explorations out of Shawnigan Lake on Beautiful Vancouver Island offers education and inspiration in spades. Even if you aren't a fan of learning usually, the I.E. experience makes it easy! It's a great format and combination of lack of ego, great networking, exceptional educators and an inspiring location. Of course the behind the scenes work is beyond compare as well, or it simply wouldn't be the exceptional learning experience that it is.

Here's two of my favorite portraits taken at I.E. of a fellow classmate.

It just reminds me that "you can make it as simple or as easy as you like." A valid lesson that has had far reaching implications for my business as well as my personal life! Thanks Joe and Carol!

I took Joe Glyda & Carol Andrews' class this summer aptly called 'bring your own brain.' I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone in photography! It was truly inspiring and moving and has changed the way I do business.

It reminded me of the basics of life, lighting, and finding inspiration and passion in my work that makes work play! And it truly did challenge my brain!
It also reminded me of one of my favorite quotes on life, 'how you do anything is how you do everything.'

So thanks to Joe, Carol, the wonderful staff at Shawnigan Lake, Don, "C", Tomo, Lee, Gord, Eric and Eddie - and so many more. It was yet another phenomenal educational experience that will keep me going until next year! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Amazing Jody!

I recently photographed another amazing client!

Very kind and thoughtful, as well as humble and easy to work with, Jody had great tips for my business that I thought I should share.

Here's a bit about her... and one of her photos for her website....

Jody Gabourie, The Small Business Marketing Coach, delivers simple, innovative and powerful marketing strategies to help business owners find and keep their most profitable clients.

A lover of marketing, she spent 19 years in the corporate world of advertising and broadcast doing a variety of marketing, research and sales positions helping large and small business owners attain success.

Jody started her own company, Maven Solutions in 2006, to help small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve the marketing success they and their companies want. She feels very strongly that she has a message to share with business owners: that marketing is something they can do, do it well, and use it to achieve the life and business they desire and deserve!

Jody also believes that marketing can be an authentic action and people can learn to view marketing as an opportunity to honestly share themselves and their knowledge with people.

If you’re ready to triumph with your marketing then get started with your FREE special report 5 Simple Steps to Find and Keep Your Most Profitable Clients by visiting Jody’s marketing website:

Do go visit her and let me know what you think! ;)

Take care,

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Taboo Show in Abbotsford

Wow - been awhile since I posted!

Besides the Christmas and Valentines rush, we had a very sick girl to attend to for a few months। Thanks to everyone who sent their prayers, thoughts, and well wishes! She's an amazing girl and has recovered 100% or more! :) Well, it's been a wild few weeks - and here's the latest highlight...

The studio went to a Very Interesting Trade show this weekend...

The Taboo Show in Abbotsford. We met some terrific people and had a ton of fun... thanks so much to Lisa and Gary for helping 'man' the booth. Gary was my wonderful technical advisor and printer and Lisa was so awesome at assisting with photos and helping greet everyone. We were so lucky to introduce so many people to our boudoir, fashion and glamour photography - as well as some wedding and family work.

Also have to thank Laurel and Ross from Essensuals... for not only the great help, but for the loan of a great bike for the photo shoots. See her on-line store at:

Here's one of my favorite poses from the weekend on the bike...

And my absolute favorite - what a cutie!

Thanks to "Mom And Dad'' for letting us use these photos for display of such a cute puppy! :)

We had everything from the very tame to the very daring for clothing choices... both men and women loved the bike... and puppies too!

Looking forward to welcoming everyone to our studio that received the gift certificates for a free boudoir session. The certificate included the session fees and all artwork!

A spectacular savings of anywhere from 275.00 to 575.00, depending on artwork chosen...

And CONGRATULATIONS to Shannon Haig of Mission, BC who won the grand prize of a Deluxe Designer Session complete with album and artwork!

Take care, Karen

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Mark Stevens Team

Just had to write about one of my more recent clients, an amazing realtor and incredible person! Mark Stevens of Keller Williams Realty.

When Mark Stevens and his team came in for business photos I was completely impressed! Mark, Pam and Terry were very sincere, cheerful and a delight to work with.

I was impressed not only with their professional, friendly nature but with how well they worked together. I've dealt with many realtors in the past few years, and have not seen a team work this well together professionally as well as interpersonally in a very long time.

We got talking while we did the portrait sitting, and I was also amazed at how their pride in their work showed. It was very easy to see how they really care about their clients.

Here's the 'traditional' portrait I did for the team...

Not only are they a great team, but they're really cool - as you can tell by the following photo... :)

We had alot of fun doing this "Matrix" shot.... it's not often you get someone with such a great sense of humour and ability to have fun with life - and their portraits. :)

Keller Williams Real Estate in general is really different in how they take care of their people and their clients. And I like recognizing good companies!

Their Difference:

Powerful curriculum through Keller Williams University keeps them on top of trends, tools and advancements in the real estate industry. Unlike other real estate companies, Keller Williams Realty was designed to reward agents for working together, to serve our clients better.
And, amazingly, Keller Williams Realty was founded on the principles of trust and honesty, emphasizing the importance of having the integrity to do the right thing and always putting the client’s needs first.

Check out The Mark Stevens Team at:

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Welcome to the new blog for the new studio! :)

It's hard to believe how quickly the time flies, but we're established now in the studio, and are working hard to keep upgrading it and our services all the time.

We've got a special promotion for Halloween coming up - bring a donation Halloween night for the Food Bank or the Child Development Center and get a free 5x7 portrait or your little ghost, goblin, princess or pirate!

Looking forward to seeing you here!

Take care,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grand Opening of New Studio!!!

It's finally arrived!After a year of renovations, the new studio is now open!

And that's a great thing for all my clients - old and new!

For the month of April 2007, book your session with my new studio and get up to 75% off my regular prices!

Your name isn't Amber - so Why Amber Light Photography?

Amber Light Photography is named for the sweet amber light that you get from the late afternoon rays of the sun.

If you'd like to know more about me, the studio and my work, please visit my traditional website address: You can find out more about me, the studio, and soon to come - my staff on that site.

I'll be adding more to this blog in the next few months. I'm busy with the new opening and gala evening, so until then, please also check out my old blog

Thanks for checking us out - and please call me about the gala evening event if you are interested in coming!
Prizes and fun will be had in May! ;)

Take care,